Product testing – we decided we needed to use and abuse this new ECO fabric in our towels, so what else to do than to book a trip to the incredible Lord Howe Island (between Port McQuarrie in NSW and New Zealand – a island of NSW).

What can we say but what an incredible tiny Island where there are certain plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world but on this island – and that they don’t allow any more than 400 visitors to the island at a time.

Our designers have been there 3 times before and loved it so much that they even created a vintage / retro map of the island and printed onto one of our large maps as a prototype. You can see it here.

Our journey started by travelling with strict size & weight requirements, our travels were the perfect solution being light-weight and compact as also transport on the island was backpack or push-bike… with wet towels.

Being 4 of us, we purposely punished and used the towel for every possible function apart from a beach towel – also using as a picnic rug, tablecloth and a sarong. Going everywhere including trekking the mountains and beaches and bushwalks to deep sea fishing – Our 4 different outcomes was a resounding… WHAT A PRODUCT! – WE HAVE TO SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE.

Fitting nicely in both our back packs and shoulder bags and when it did get wet, it dried within 30 mins when hung by our elastic hook.

Apart for this we received great interest from locals and visitors which hadn’t seen this type of product before we can home pumped and changed.

We hope you too discover what a difference it makes. Believe me/us, you will never go back to a normal beach towel again!